Albion Dockyard


Albion Dockyard Sign

In 1820 Hilhouse & Sons developed the New Dockyard (Albion Yard), and built two wet docks, a dry dock and building berths. Charles Hill had joined the Hilhouse Company in 1810 as a shipwright and in 1845 he took over the company and it became Charles Hill & Sons. Charles Hill & Sons went bust in 1977 and in 1980 the Albion Dockyard was taken over by Abels Shipbuilders. Abels stopped trading in 2016 after the retirement of David Abel.

Hilhouse Shipyards 1772 to 1848  – Wickipedia

Charles Hill 1917

Albion Dockyard ss Bristol City 1917
Launch of SS Bristol City 1917

To the right of this picture you can see the clock tower on the Dockside Offices.

Top left is Steamship House, in Great Western Dockyard, where the SS Great Britain engine was built which was bombed in 1942. In 1917  it was Wickham and Norris, Timber Merchants.

Top centre is McArthur’s Wharehouse which is to be demolished as of 2018. In the late 19C it was a working malt-house.

Albion Yard Dockside Offices
Dockside Clock Tower as of 2018.

This building was the head office of Charles Hill. To the right you can see the Banksy art work of October 2014 ‘ Girl with Pierced Eardrum’.

Albion Dockyard 1950

Albion Dockyard 1955
On the left you can see the timber yard on Chatham Wharf which became the marina in the 1980s
Charles Hill & Sons Boston City Paul T
Boston City launched at Charles Hill and Son
Graving Dock Charles Hill Dockyard -Harry Brown
Harry Brown sand dredger
Last Ship Miranda Guiness Albion Yard 1972
Last ship launched from the Albion Dockyard 1976 – the world’s first purpose built beer tanker – it was scrapped in 1996
28 Swans 14th January 2016
Twenty Eight Swans at Baltic Wharf Marina

Richard Rankin, the owner of No. 7 Boats, also holds the honorary title of  ‘Swan Keeper’.

According to Mr Rankin there are up to 40 swans on the river at any one time so 28 in one place could be a record.

Forth Hope Georgetown Albion Dockyard

Forth Hope Georgetown in the 1820 Graving Dock — The last refit in Albion Yard August 2016

In July 2018 the SS Great Britain Trust revealed a new partnership with the newly established the neighbouring Albion Dock Company in collaboration with Bristol City Council.

Albion Dock Company

Pelican of London Albion Dock 16 Sept 2018

The Pelican of London  is the first ship in the Graving Dock under the new Albion Dock Company on 16th September 2018.