Known as Merchants Quay since the 1980s when Merchants Landing housing was built. It  was originally built as a wharf in 1876 and known as Upper Railway Wharf before becoming Bathurst Wharf.

Redcliffe 2
A view of Redcliffe Church showing the old entrance to Bathurst Inner Lock (from a painting in St Mary Redcliffe Church) The current Spire was not built until 1872.




Bathurst Lock Commercial Road Bridge 1825 Edward Cashin Bristol Museum
Bathurst Lock/Commercial Road Bridge – Painting by Edward Cashin 1825 Bristol Museum
Bathurst Basin 1862 to 1865 Reece Wistone
Bathurst Basin from the New Cut 1860s with Cardiff Landing Stage to the right – Reece Winstone

There is only a footbridge on the site of the Commercial Road Bridge.

Bathurst Lock c 1875 R W
Bathurst Lock 1870s  – Reece Winston.
Bathurst Basin and Rail Bridge 1920s
Bathurst with Rail Bridge early 1900s
Bathurst Rail Bridge
Bathurst Rail Bridge
Bathurst Dam being replaced 1952
Replacing the Bathurst Lock Dam 1952
The barque Echo 1875 R W
The barque Echo c 1875 – Reece Winston
The Fanny Chapman 1875 R W
The Fanny Chapman c 1875 – Reece Winston
Bathurst Wharf early 1900s
Bathurst Wharf in the early 1900s – previously Upper Railway Wharf opened in 1876
BRSRW.1045 Townsend, Alfred O., Bristol Docks
Alfred O Townsend RWA 1904 
Royal West of England Academy
Bathurst Wharf, St Mary Redcliffe and Redcliffe Parade 1932, Steam-tug Cress hauls the barge Onyx on its way to the ICI works at Netham. (In: Lord, J. Southam, J. 1983, p. 26).
Merchants Quay 2018
Merchants Quay 2018
Bathurst Basin 1939
Bathurst Basin 1939

The lock was sealed off from The Cut in 1939 for fear bombing would empty the harbour.

Bathurst Basin
Bathurst Basin 2018


Bathurst Lock Gates
Bathurst Basin Lock Gates with Commercial Road Bridge in background

When in 1868 work started on a new, larger North Lock in 1868 (‘Howard’s Lock’) the 1863 Jessop Lock bridge was removed,  shortened and re-erected over the entrance to Bathurst Basin. This is now known as the Commercial Road Bridge.

Commercial Road Metrobus Bridge
Building the Commercial Road Metrobus bridge 2018
Commercial Road new Metro bus bridge 2018
New Metrobus Bridge at Commercial Road 2018

The steam powered bascule bridge built in 1872 for the dockyard railway was replaced by the pedestrian bridge in 1964.

The bridge’s steam-driven machinery was fortunately saved and is held in the reserve collection of M Shed Museum.

Bathurst Bridge
Bathurst Bridge