The Cut – The New Course of the Avon from 1809 – Spike Island


The Cut – The New Course of the Avon from 1809

Wapping Wharf after 1816
New Goal commissioned 1816 – only the gate house on Cumberland Road remains
Demolishing Gaol Cumberland Road 1898 R W
Demolishing the New Gaol at Wapping 1898 – Reece Winston
Railway alongside Cumberland Road 1957
Vauxhall Bridge Old 2
Vauxhall Bridge was built in 1900 to replace the ferry. In this picture it is closed to shipping.

There is still a plaque on the bridge in 2018 saying it was built by Lysaght Ltd Engineers Bristol in 1900.

Vauxhall Bridge plaque 1900

Vauxhall Bridge Old
Vauxhall Bridge Open


Golferry Bridge Old
Goalferry Bridge Built in 1930s to replace the ferry which had operated there since 1838.
Goalferry Bridge 2018
Goalferry Bridge 2018
Goalferry Bridge from West
Goalferry Bridge from the West
Gaolferry (Southville) Bridge


View from Bedminster Bridge Old
View West from Bedminster Bridge before the 1930s